👨🏻 About: The 5 Ws

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This blog has been sitting empty for a few months now, so I think its about time I post something and give it some life!

I think a beautiful way to put it all into context is answering the 5 main questions. In Wikipedia's words:

They constitute a formula for getting the complete story on a subject

This post will serve as an About me, as an Introduction to this site, as a Markdown practice and ultimately as a Reminder to myself on how to run this blog and the values/reasons behind it. Hope I don't steer out of the path too much along the way 🙏🏻.


I'm Vilva. I look strikingly similar to the white guy with moustache emoji 👨🏻.

I'm a product designer by love. A software developer by consequence. And also a startup founder by chance!

I'm also human and many other things, but these are my "professional personas". I'm a bit of a "Jack of all trades", something I used to think as negative but which Im learning to love.


So...what am I going to write here? 🤔

I’m interested in many topics: art, science, finances, design, engineering, privacy, The Internet, AI... I think I will mostly focus on software development and business/startupy stuff since its my main focus now. But really anything that crosses my learning path and I feel its worth sharing.

Definitely not: "The top 10 ways to..." kind of article. fuck it! I want to share worthy stuff (the focus should be on "worthy" not on "sharing"). Absolutely no canned articles, no empty stuff, no clickbait etc... If I ever do that, please refer me to this entry and punch me in the face.

I feel this is going to be a mix of technical articles, business experience and braindumpy stuff.

*Also all opinions are my own. And as so, they are prone to change with time. If you see a contradicting opinions in two posts, I have the right to!


To be honest this is a bit of padding, but didn't want to miss a "W".

If it is useful to know. Right now I write from Spain, my birthplace. So, if you see some broken English, please forgive me (and tell me!).


When is this happening?: I've always felt I had nothing interesting to share. But in the past few years through my contact with the startup/web development world I experienced some pretty cool things I think other people can benefit from reading.

Also I’m embarking in a new adventure for me, I’m going to try to make a living out of my creations. Seems like a great time to start documenting stuff.

When will I post?: When I have something interesting enough to share. I don't want to live of this blog nor make it a job. I just want to write and share. So whenever the interesting stuff comes to my mind and I can move my lazy ass to write it down. Ideally I would love to write once a week, but I’m pretty sure a fixed schedule isn't realistic.


  • Having (hopefully) at least a bunch of people reading my stuff and posting it publicly seems like a great way to held myself accountable for my plans and product-building. And if not, at least suffer the shame 😈.
  • I have been consuming info in The Internet since a child without giving much back. I learned most of what I know in the internet! So its about time to give at least a bit back.
  • I want to be transparent here, not everything is purely altruistic. Another great reason is building an audience for my product-building. I have always been jealous of other devs/makers/content creators who get constant feedback and exposure on their stuff thanks to their audience. I hope to accomplish that someday too!
  • It's a great excuse to sit down and write. Something I love to do and I don't do nearly enough.
  • And to practice my Markdown!
  • I have tried in the past to go with social media as a self expression medium...and I failed miserably. I feel like a personal blog might be a better fit for me.


We will see...

Note to my future self: Fuck the number of views, fuck the shares, fuck the comments. ALWAYS focus on the content. No bullshit