Cool stuff

This is where cool stuff lives. All sorts of stuff: videos, articles or even people I find worth remembering.



  • Screw finding your passion: Cool take on the extended idea that your job should be your passion.
  • Making Useless Stuff: "There is nothing I find more liberating than to spend a Saturday afternoon coding on some toy project."
  • Refusing to stand on the shoulders of giants: Why do we always insist on reinventing the whell?
  • Being Glue: "You know that thing where everyone on a software engineering team turns up and just writes code for eight hours a day and then later the project is successful? No you don't"


  • 🤖 beepb00p: One of craziest and coolest sites I have seen around. No spoilers. Must visit.
  • Julia Evans: I end up here so much from HN that I used to think it was actually multiple blogs with the same design. Great tech stuff.
  • AnderSource: Another little random dev blog. Some procgen stuff.
  • BenJoJo: Just read this by him and even though it is amazingly explained I didn't understand half of it. That is always a good sign.
  • Tonsky: A delight to read. Top notch longer form articles + amazing readability and even interactive stuff. Typography and colors are just perfect!
  • Fun little projects and sketches.
  • Dani Latorre
  • Pieter Hintjens

Traditional Artists

  • David Bull: The best source of information regarding Ukiyo-e there must exist in the western world. If not, let me know!
  • Emil & Ruta Salmins: Two amazing printmakers from Latvia. His linoleum carvings and big format prints 😍

Digital Artists

  • George Francis: Beautiful portfolio and amazing quality long form interactive tutorials on generative art.
  • Tyler Hobbs: Generative art, beautiful pieces and amazing essays.
  • Here Dragons Abound: For what seems like centuries Scott Turner is building a fantasy map generator and sharing his process via an amazingly detailed newsletter. Top notch stuff.
  • Generated Space: Loving the digital sketchbook/drafty feel.
  • Fred Briolet: Also love his experiments section.



  • Michael Lynch: Michael has been building a couple of products for some years now, extremely transparent and open posts. Specially interesting is his quite successful adventure with building a commercializing a hardware product.
  • Cory Zue: Very transparent site with a lot of info following his process building a bunch of successful products. Seems like a really down to earth guy and I love that his products are pretty "standard" no buzzwords, no hype just simple working tools that serve a purpose.




[Michael Levin - Plasticity w/out genetic change: bioelectric embryos & synthetic proto-organisms] ( Now we program organisms 🤯