Learning crisis

| 1 min read

I have been having kind of a learning crisis lately. I keep asking myself: Where should I focus my learning spotlight in and why? And specially, why am I even asking this to myself? I never had this problem.

When I was a little moustache-less boy I used to learn random stuff for the sake of it. One week it would be 3d modeling, then cybersecurity and the following month it would be falconry (🤷🏻‍♂️). It was both fun and it has proven to be useful many times along my life. Not that I apply my extensive falconry knowledge daily... But the disperse knowledge always interconnects and magic happens.

Then something happened (jobs) and I started to stress about what should I learn, the optimum path, career progression etc... which has been counter productive, stressful and overall a shitty experience. I feel that since I started to worry so much I learnt less and had less fun. I want my spontaneous curiosity back! and I'm sure that it is the best way to keep me moving forward professionally too. After all, it took me here.

Lately I have been feeling kinda stagnated on the software side of things. I know at heart that I want to become a better programmer, but how? I'm convinced the way to go to is to focus on fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, design patterns etc... since those seem the best way to open the gates to be able to build cooler stuff.

Since doing exercises for the sake of it has never been my thing. I'm going to do what I love the most, build stuff, and learn along the way.