Making youtube dumber

| 1 min read

I managed to cure all of my website addictions, except for one...the all-mighty Youtube. It so effective in catching me in endless loops of amazing videos and I'm fed up! One thing that really pissed me off is realizing I had been going down a rabbit hole for the past half an hour over an initial suggestion I was not looking for.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make Youtube a bit dumber for myself. My goal: Remove all possible distractions that trick me into purposeless browsing.

The solution

Install the Youtube Enhancer extension: - Hide comments - Hide related videos - Remove auto-playback

Install the Redirector extension - Redirect >

This will effectively prevent you from hitting Youtube's homepage, and basically seeing any auto-suggestion anywhere. Allowing you to watch only your subscribed content.

I still miss the ability to rediscover old stuff from my subscriptions. Many channels I follow haven't posted new content in years and some amazing videos are lost in the past.

I have something in mind, but that will be for another post!