On natural interests

| 1 min read

I've been playing recently with the idea on what to focus on next in order to keep growing as a developer.

Talking to a colleague he suggested: "Follow your instincts, try to learn what naturally interests you and things will eventually fit into place like a cosmic puzzle". Even though it seems obvious, it is surprisingly easy to forget this and follow what you should be interested in instead.

Today I was reflecting on this and found a funny example that actually supports it on my own life:

I love being active and practicing all kinds of sports but for some mysterious reason some stick better than others.

My biggest passion is surfing. I could REALLY benefit from improving my swimming, but even though I have an amazing seaside pool at 5min from my doorstep, I have never taken my lazy ass to it. What about walking 2km carrying a couple of kilograms of stuff over slippery rocks under the face of a crumbling cliff? Ah, that's totally fine, let's do it every day!

This opens a different debate about willpower and making sacrifices in order to support your goals. But the truth is that if you are not interested in something, friction will appear and it will feel like a chore; while doing something hard you love will feel like a fun challenge.