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While thinking about goals for the next year, I can't get off my head that in the past I have confused the WHAT I was trying to accomplish with the HOW I was going to get there.

For example, with ByteVitae, I started building it, without a clear understanding of WHAT I was trying to accomplish. In reality, WHAT I was trying to do was:

  • Learn how to build products on my own.

Building ByteVitae was  just a way to get there. But there could have been many complementary others:

  • Start working with a more experienced team
  • Find a mentor
  • Read the right stuff

With that goal in mind, it is no surprise that it didn't end up profitable. I just wasn't optimizing for profit, but for dev skills. For that, the WHAT should have been more along the lines:

  • Learn how to generate recurring  revenue with digital products.

This doesn't even imply building anything. It is all business goals So next time you venture into a new adventure, think hard about this:

Have a clear picture first of WHAT you want to accomplish, so that you can focus on HOW to get there.