You are not that special

| 1 min read

You are not that special, because you chose to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and build your company to “save the world”.

You are not that special, because you chose to get into investigation and become a PhD.

You are not that special, because you dropped out of school to teach yourself.

You are not that special, but it really doesn’t matter. Its not a dimension that should be important to us, who the fuck cares how special you are? Just try to be your best and make your best, the rest is pure nonsense in your brain.

You shouldn’t feel better than anyone because you chose to pursue instead of or worse than anyone by any means. These are all stories we tell ourselves, the path we chose is THE ONE, it will make us transcend, get us to newer states of reality and consciousness. Know what? That’s bulllshit, bullshit I made up, you made up and everyone is making up to justify that our shitty paths are difficult, boring and full of problems but know what? Everything is worth it, because I’m doing it the special way. Sure pal…

Life can be difficult, can be shitty, IT IS a struggle, but it is the way it is, no matter what path you choose. Life is boring, fun, easy, difficult, interesting, lame… that’s the magic of it, embrace it, don’t try to justify it.

Forget how special you are and use that time and energy to focus on doing your best, it will go a long way.